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MVP Defined

MVP is a derivative of MVC aimed at providing a cleaner separation between the view, the model, and the controller. The most relevant change from MVC is that view and model are physically separated and have no intimate knowledge of each other. The controller (renamed as presenter) is a mediator between the user and the application. Solicited by the view, it performs any work associated with the request and passes data back to the view. In MVP, the controller class is essentially responsible for presenting data to the view, which explains the new name of “presenter.” Generalities of the MVP Pattern As mentioned, in MVP the view and the model are neatly separated, and the view exposes a contract through which the presenter can read input values and provide results of the action. Summarizing the situation further, we can say that MVP is a refinement of MVC based on three facts: ■ The view doesn’t know the model. ■ The presenter ignores any UI technology behind the view. ■ Abstracted t