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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

What is AKS and why you want to use one?. AKS is a way to package   your code and package itself contain all its dependencies that need to run.  So you are deploying your code as package into azure. Great thing about kubernetes is it’s a open source invented by google but its available on all the major cloud platform. If you create a code for kubernet service you can deploy it to azure you can deploy to google cloud platform,Amazon AWS but that’s not true for Azure Logic Apps and function apps or Azure service fabrics Containerized solution is a way to package your code and deploy it to any environment, it's eas y to package and run in any environment.  You just need to pull the container from the repo and start using it, your code in already buit and setup in required enviornment. Follow the steps to create. 1. Add the resource group 2. Enter the name of cluster and select region 3. Click Review and create  Once valida